PVC couplings for utilities

Midwest Plastic Fabricators couplings now made from PVC conduit.

Aurora, Ohio, December 10, 2010—Since the 1980s hundreds of thousands of strong deep socket couplings have solved conduit connection challenges for utilities—Arizona Public Service, Memphis Light Gas & Water, Salt River Project, and Tampa Electric Company are among users of these couplings.

Midwest Plastic Fabricators’ couplings are now made from PVC conduit with an embossed size and listing mark, using a patented automated manufacturing process developed by MPF. This creates a coupling with superior impact strength at a cost effective price.

The couplings have deep tapered sockets providing more surface contact for stronger solvent weld joints. For example, a 6 inch diameter coupling has a 10 inch overall length (standard coupling OAL is 6.375 inch). The deep socket allows more joint deflection for cold field bending than injection molded couplings and standard socket depth couplings.

The products are ETL and UL listed and meet UL 651, UL514 and NEMA standards.

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