Composite poles easy to transport and install

Duratel's composite poles are lightweight, strong.

Chicago, Ill, October 1, 2010—The problem for one large investor owned utility was how to install a series of distribution poles along a remote granite ridge. Blasting and drilling were expensive options, as was the challenge to bring in the poles and heavy equipment to the isolated area. The utility turned to Duratel and its 40 foot-composite poles for the solution. Duratel designed a reinforced core anchor base plate to fit inside its hollow pole design. These plates attached simply and swiftly to the granite rock face using standard anchor bolts—a solution impossible with wood structures. The Duratel poles were then placed on the anchor base plate and bolted together.

The Duratel poles were also easy to transport and install because of its weight. Duratel poles weigh two-thirds less than wood and, as in this case, could be carried by hand into remote locations. The Duratel poles met all structural and loading requirements and for this utility, proved to be a cheaper, cleaner, stronger and long-term solution when compared to alternative products.

As transmission lines are being constructed more and more in remote areas with geotechnical challenges, Duratel is being viewed as the solution. Wind developers and utilities recognize that they can save money and provide added strength and a longer lifespan to their projects with the use of composite poles from Duratel.

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