Track driven mini digger derrick

NESCO Sales and Rentals EZ Hauler 5500 derrick goes many places.

Bluffton, Ind., July 19, 2010—NESCO Sales & Rentals' EZ Hauler 5500 is a track driven mini-digger derrick that will go places you wouldn’t think of taking a line truck. Once you get to the work site, the EZ Hauler 5500 has the power to finish the job, with its 5,500 lbs lift capacity and its ability to set utility poles up to 60 feet tall. It also has the ability to pick up a 2,500 lbs padmount transformer.

The EZ Hauler 5500 is not only a mini-digger derrick, but has the ability to perform as a material handler and personnel lift.

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