Guides for bucket and boom configurations

PCC offers free guides to replacements for Lift-All bucket truck fiberglass parts.

Fort Wayne, Ind., July 23, 2010—PCC is adding guides for PCC replacement parts correlating to Lift-All boom covers and guards to its website, “This supports PCC’s new replacement parts catalog for Lift-All launched in May. With more than 300 Lift-All parts, the guides make finding the exact part much easier,” said Warren Eddy, PCC’s inside sales manager.

“On, we illustrate each part for Lift-All LOM, LM, LTAF and LTAFM booms. We include the OEM part number and the PCC-brand replacement service part number for each piece,” said Aaron Washington, PCC’s lead designer. He continued, “Our customers can look at the drawing of the booms and find the part that they need either by the OEM part number or comparing the picture to their damaged part.” Eddy remarked, “Configuring bucket platforms is not simple. By having guides for Altec LRV platform and boom mounting assemblies in the PCC catalog, many customers now call with the PCC part number just from looking at the guides. The guides reduce the chance for miscommunication.”

“Instead of keeping the guides only in the catalog, PCC has made them available open-source for free. PCC invested significant effort in preparing the guides. Even some OEMs do not have similar guides for their own parts. To help our customers, we posted them on the internet,” said Brian Hill, PCC’s sales manager.

While many more bucket and boom configurations await guides, PCC hopes that others will provide additional guides from their own experience, especially for bucket trucks that are no longer made. PCC offers to post these additional guides so that everyone may use them, and even annotate them, to assist users in finding replacement parts.

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