Diversified Products introduces Quick Attach Man Baskets

Baskets are constructed of rugged steel, making them useful for a variety of demanding applications.

Waco, Texas, May 24, 2010—In response to years of requests from operators and field crews, Diversified Products introduces its Quick Attach Man Baskets. The baskets are constructed of rugged steel, making them very useful for a variety of demanding applications—including power line, bridge and exterior building work. Unlike similar competitors’ models that are only compatible with one make of crane, the man baskets include universal mounting for installation on multiple crane styles. One operator can quickly and easily change out the adaptor to suit any make of crane.

Two models are offered: yoke-style and rotating. The popular yoke-style model provides the largest workspace, as the structural support arms connect on the outside of the basket. The rotating model features a convenient design that allows for a complete 360-degree rotation about the center of the basket at any boom angle. In comparison, similar units must be re-pinned in order to rotate a full 360 degrees—the rotating model doesn’t require this additional step.

Both models have a 1,200-pound capacity and feature a 21-square-foot floor to provide adequate space for both workers and materials. The large, open floor includes upset holes for skid resistance and strategically placed slots to drain water. Each basket’s entrance has reinforcement for rugged applications and is equipped with an inward-swinging gate to provide security and enhance safety. Gate clearance to the floor provides additional storage space. The baskets meet or exceed applicable industry standards.

Every basket is fabricated with laser-produced parts, keyed together and welded into place by certified welders. The entire assembly is designed utilizing solid modeling and finite element analysis, and all units are constructed with quality materials including heavy-duty hinges with stainless-steel pins.

A high-capacity caliper brake comes standard with each basket. The brake features a tried-and-proven design, and includes heavy-duty linkage and a plated brake disc. Replaceable brake pads also come standard.

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