Utility supplies: Private bathroom options keep teams out of the public eye when nature calls

Utility linemen: Brief Relief announces personal lavatory systems. As an alternative to resorting to public urination and risking the fallout of such exposure, Brief Relief has released a line of disposable toilets and portable lavatory systems.

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Utility supplies: Whether you are working in a remote area, on a roof or as first responder during an emergency, there are times when quick, easy access to a bathroom facility is not possible. As an alternative to resorting to public urination and risking the fallout of such exposure, Brief Relief has released a line of disposable toilets and portable lavatory systems.

Designed for both men and women, the products are not only discreet but also safe, convenient and sanitary. Among the options available for workers are:

• Brief Relief Disposable Urine Bag. This single-use, funnel-design bag for liquid waste contains a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert urine into a deodorized gel that can be disposed of safely in any garbage container.
• The Commode. This sturdy, five-gallon base with full-size soft foam toilet seat sets up instantly for emergency situations or everyday use. It comes with an optional riser for additional height.
• Disposa-John Portable Restroom. Designed for both liquid and solid waste, the bag-in-bag design seals in waste and odor while the enzymes and polymers work to break it down and convert it into a deodorized gel. The Disposa-John bags are to be used with Brief Relief’s Commodes.
• Privacy Shelter. The large sound-reducing enclosure for the Commode can be easily transported in a carry case and set up by a single person.

Brief Relief products are ideal for a variety of industries, including electric, gas, telecommunications, light and power companies as well as construction, landscaping, emergency response, transportation, mining and aviation. The numerous benefits include:

• The systems eliminate the embarrassment and legal issues posed by public urination.
• The solutions remove health concerns.
• Workers can concentrate on their jobs rather than worrying about how to find a facility or rushing to get their work done.
• The convenient solutions minimize downtime, making workers more productive.
• The products help maintain a clean, sanitary work environment.

“We know how challenging it can be for workers and their companies when there is inadequate access to restroom facilities,” explained National Sales Manager Pete Lindemann. “With Brief Relief products, workers on the go now have private, portable toilet solutions, so they don’t need to resort to unprofessional and illegal public activities. It only takes a minute to cause a PR nightmare that can last forever, but with Brief Relief products, companies can preserve their public image.”

About Brief Relief: Keep team members in the field and out of the public eye when nature calls with Brief Relief disposable toilets and portable lavatory systems. Besides being safe, convenient and sanitary options for men and women, the products can help team members avoid being seen doing an act of “indecent exposure” by the public, cell phone cameras and news crews. Also available are personal cooling systems and hydration products which help keep crews safe and comfortable in even the most stressful conditions.

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