Work lights: Work area and job site string lights

Safety lighting: Larson Electronics offers four kinds of string lights, designed for high output job site illumination.

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Work lights: There are many options for temporary non-explosive construction and job site lighting, but one of the most versatile and reliable options is string lights. Larson Electronics offers four kinds of string lights, designed for high output job site illumination:

LED String Lights with Mesh Guards:
These string lights feature plastic mesh guard enclosures to protect the bulbs. These LED lamps provide more light and higher quality light than incandescent, while creating less heat and using less power. Hook eyelets allow operators to hang the task lights overhead in a pattern of their choosing.

LED Rope Lights: These reinforced weatherproof solid-state rope lights are suitable for marine applications such as boat docks, ship yards and perimeter lighting.

PAR 38 LED String Lights: These fixtures feature PAR 38 LED lamps with low amp draw and are approved for wet areas, great for outdoor working conditions that need high output illumination. These industrial grade LED lamps have a daisy chain connection and hook eyelets for versatile mounting.

String Lights with No Bulbs/Lamps: These flexible string lights are equipped with light sockets only, that fit LEDs, compact fluorescents or incandescent bulbs for ultimate lighting versatility. Each string light has a daisy-chain connection.

All of these temporary non-explosive work site string light options provide high quality, reliable lighting where standard lighting is not available.

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