Construction equipment: Handheld trencher is easy to use for tough electrical jobs

Utility tools: MiniTrencher’s GeoRipper GR20 is a 36-lb., 81 cc powerhouse that combines muscle and portability in an easy-to-use handheld trencher.

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Construction equipment: MiniTrencher’s GeoRipper GR20 is a 36-pound, 81 cc powerhouse that combines muscle and portability in an easy-to-use handheld trencher. The 2-stroke engine is built to last and can withstand the toughest of landscaping, plumbing and electrical jobs.

This commercial trencher is up for challenging tasks such as: irrigation, dog fencing, fiber optic, water line replacement, strip drain, edging and more. Other trenchers might crack under the pressure, but not the GR20.

Standout features of the GR20 include:
• Makita® 8100 2-stroke engine (5.6 HP)
• Easy throttle trigger
• Spring-loading vibration control
• 20” digging bar
• 18mm combo wrench
• Triple air filtration system
• Protective dirt guard (disperses in 70/30 ratio)
• EZ Kart Quick Connect

The MiniTrencher GR20 can be used in all types of soils. It has two self-sharpening, heavy-duty chipper chains, which allow you to trench in the hardest and rockiest soil -- even frozen ground.

You also have the option to customize your chain size, with choices such as 1”, 1.5” and 2.38” wide chains. And the customization options don’t end there. The GR20 has a 2-stroke belt drive feature geared for optimal digging speeds. All these features, at a lightweight 36 pounds!

We also include a spare nose bearing, spare drive belt and owner’s manual, so you can utilize all the unique elements the GR20 has to offer.

You won’t find another product that compares in size and power to the MiniTrencher GR20/Makita 8100. MiniTrencher’s tools are created with you in mind, and are built to ensure maximum usability and durability.

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