Safety equipment: Combination utility locator and metal detector

Utility tools: -585Vivax Metrotech's VM-585 is a combination utility locator and Ferrous Metal Detector. This makes it ideal for locating short distance runs such as service drops and to detect buried ferrous metal objects such as valve box covers and tanks.

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Safety equipment: Vivax Metrotech's VM-585 Combination Utility Locator and Ferrous Metal Detector are for typical applications to locate short distance runs such as service drops and to detect buried ferrous metal objects such as buried valve box covers and buried tanks.

Utility Locating - With a 50/60Hz passive power locating frequency and three active frequencies of 512/640Hz, 8.19kHz, and 83KhZ, the VM-585 is will meet the requirements of those wishing to detect the presence of active power cables and to trace short ranges.

Metal Detector – The advanced filtering of the VM-585 rejects materials such as bottle caps and aluminum cans and zeros in on finding only ferrous materials. The manual gain control allows it to be controlled and able to work close to large metal objects such as automobiles and chain link fences while still looking for the targets underground. The VM-585 will locate through asphalt, concrete, or grass and in temporary conditions such as snow. The waterproof carbon fiber tube is water proof and will be able to be used in flooded areas when needed to do so.

The VM-585 transmitter also has the additional frequency of 8kHz Fault-find so it can be used to detect the presence of ground to sheath faults on cables when used with the VM-510 Stand Alone A-Frame fault locator or an Accessory A-frame plugged into the vLocPro2, vLoc-9800 or vLocML2 Receivers.

The 1-Watt VM-585 transmitter applies a locate frequency by direct connection or induction. Optional Induction Clamps can be used to clamp around a line and induce the locate signal onto it.

• Rugged and lightweight ABS plastic and carbon fiber construction
• 1 induction, 3 direct connect and fault find frequencies
• Power (50/60Hz), passive locate mode
• Peak response from twin antenna array
• High contrast quick responsive display
• Simple four button control keypad
• Pushbutton depth estimation. (Imperial or Metric)
• IMG_3987.png
• IP54 rating
• Audio and visual indications
• Low battery warning

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