Power transformer is digitally integrated

Power transformers: ABB’s ABB Ability enabled range of products take transformers into the digital age, enhancing reliability and efficiency.

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The ABB Ability Power Transformer is cited to be the world’s first integrated solution for digitally enabled power transformers, fundamentally changing the transformer paradigm. All power transformers leaving ABB factories will soon come enabled with digital capabilities, enabling remote monitoring and data analytics of its vital parameters in real time. This will enhance reliability and enable higher utilization of grid assets and power networks.

The transformer will come equipped with a digital hub that can leverage a portfolio of smart devices on a modular platform with plug-and-play capabilities. This modularity and scalability makes the system future-proof while giving users full control over their digital journey.

“The ABB Ability Power Transformer solution is a game changer. In addition to providing actionable intelligence at the local level, it will enable users to leverage the full ecosystem of software solutions and services at the station and enterprise levels, such as our industry leading ABB Ability Ellipse® Asset Performance Management System”, said Claudio Facchin, President of ABB’s Power Grids division. “In addition to enhancing efficiency and product life, the new digital capability will boost reliability and mitigate outages through preventative action.”

ABB also announced the launch of ABB Ability TXplore, a service solution that deploys a submersible transformer inspection robot. The wireless robot can be maneuvered through a liquid-filled power transformer to perform fast, safe and cost effective internal inspection, which can be shared remotely close to real time with global experts. This approach enhances safety by reducing personnel risk, reduces down time with inspection performed in hours vs. days, and brings inspection costs down by 50 percent or more.

ABB is also showcasing its recently introduced ABB Ability TXpert distribution transformer, the world’s first digital distribution transformer. TXpert provides intelligence to maximize reliability, optimize operating and maintenance costs and manage the asset more efficiently, building on the ABB Ability™ platform and connected devices to generate actionable intelligence. This product is the first of its kind to integrate sensing technology directly into the transformer during the manufacturing process, resulting in higher accuracy.

Transformers perform the important function of adapting voltage levels, stepping up for efficient long-distance high-voltage transmission, and stepping ‘down’ for distribution and safe use by consumers. They also help maintain power quality and control.

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