Substations: Ballistic protection solution for power transformers

Power transformer protection: ABB introduces AssetShield ballistic protection system to protect substation equipment to UL-752 level 10 performance as part of a new ABB transformer and grid resiliency initiative addressing rising physical security concerns in substations.

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Safety equipment:ABB is launching AssetShield, a new first-of-its-kind solution to shield and protect large power transformersand other substation equipment from ballistic attack. AssetShield currently meets UL-752 Ballistic Standards ­ Level 10 Rating.

AssetShield is an impact and fragmentation-protective system for substation equipment such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and capacitors. It reduces the kinetic energy of the bullets and reduces spalling after impact.

The U.S. is more dependent than ever on reliable electric power for residential, commercial and industrial use as well as strategic security. However, a physical or terrorist attack on the grid could result in widespread power outages and significant economic losses for utilities and the nation. The loss of certain large power transformers (LPTs) could result in exposure to the grid.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has recently issued a first draft of a standard for physical security measures (CIP-014-1). These standards mandate that all electric utilities identify and protect critical substations within their system, directly addressing critical equipment security such as these large power transformers.
AssetShield has been tested to protect transformers and their sensitive components by withstanding various types of gunshots at varying distances.

“ABB is pleased to introduce AssetShield as part of our new Substation Physical Security and Resiliency initiative to support electrical utilities and address security concerns around large power transformer and substation vulnerability,” said Emily Heitman, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Operations for Power Transformers in North America. “Absolute physical security for a substation is not practically achievable, but with AssetShield and other protective actions, it is possible to minimize the damage, prolong service and restore service more quickly when there is an attack.”

For more information and resources, please visit theABB Physical Security/Resiliency website. To download a comprehensive package of physical security/resiliency solutions, click here.

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