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Switchgear: New M&I Electric arc resistant switchgear helps global energy companies maximize safety and improve power reliability.

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Utility safety: M&I Electric, the flagship business of American Electric Technologies Inc., and a provider of power delivery solutions for the global energy industry, has unveiled its IntelliSafe™ next-generation arc resistant (AR) switchgear product line.

Introduced at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Industry Applications Society’s (IAS) Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) 2015 Technical Conference, the new IntelliSafe switchgear is the world’s first fully customizable, smart arc-resistant switchgear to support a new level of safety for companies in the power generation and distribution, and oil and gas industries.

“M&I Electric has designed, manufactured, installed and serviced ANSI switchgear for the energy industry for nearly 70 years, and we are deeply committed to the view that safety is not an option” said Neal Hare, chief technology officer, M&I Electric. “We believe our new IntelliSafe switchgear solves some of the critical issues with current generation arc-resistant switchgear on the market today and allows our customers to maximize critical life-saving protection for their employees and other operational personnel.”

The IntelliSafe product line is built upon M&I Electric’s proven switchgear products, which include both arc-resistant and arc-mitigation options. The IntelliSafe switchgear features a patent pending, simple but robust door design with fewer failure points than existing industry solutions. The cost effective, closed-door mechanism allows for motorized breaker racking, while a mechanical circuit breaker (CB) trip enables a positive breaker lockout system. Front and rear door interlocks further prevent operator exposure to unsafe access conditions.

IntelliSafe also enhances operator safety with the ability to remotely control indicators of breaker status (open/closed); breaker, cell and door positions and locking status; front door interlock with breaker moving beyond test position; and breaker open/close and racking commands from human machine interface (HMI).

IntelliSafe meets or exceeds critical energy industry standards, including the IEEE C37.20.2 standard for metal clad switchgear; the IEEE C37.20.7 standard for arc resistant testing. For the downstream oil and gas industry, IntelliSafe is 100 percent compliant with the Process Industry Practices (PIP) specifications. PIP is a consortium of member companies in the process industries dedicated to harmonizing their member companies' internal standards for design, procurement, construction, and maintenance in critical operational disciplines.

IntelliSafe is an IIoT enabled arc-resistant switchgear solution that brings intelligent remote monitoring capabilities to oil and gas applications. With IntelliSafe, plant operations and service technicians can better predict failures by monitoring and trending key data points in the equipment. This information can then be analyzed and actions can be taken to prevent catastrophic failures.

IntelliSafe can be customized for specific energy project requirements to achieve maximum project optimization and safety, while retaining compliance with Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) and other industry standards.

IntelliSafe is also the newest addition to M&I Electric’s complete turnkey solutions that include low voltage and medium voltage power distribution equipment, power conversion systems, automation and control software. M&I compliments this broad product line up by also designing and manufacturing in-house power distribution centers (PDCs) and provides turnkey services including E&I construction, start-up/commissioning and post installation services.

American Electric Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AETI) is a leading supplier of power delivery solutions for the global energy industry. AETI offers M&I Electric™ power distribution and control products, electrical services, and E&I construction services. South Coast Electric Systems L.L.C., a subsidiary, services Gulf Coast marine and vessel customers.

AETI is headquartered in Houston and has global operations in Beaumont, Texas; Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and Rio de Janeiro and Macae, Brazil. In addition, AETI has minority interests in two joint ventures, which have facilities located in Xian, China and Singapore.

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