Safety products: Ladder and lift accessories improve safety, increase productivity and efficiency

Safety equipment: Heff Industries’ Little Mule ladder and lift accessories help electricians and others stay safe on the job.

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Utility safety: Heff Industries introduces its new product line serving multiple construction industries from high volume commercial efforts to the home rehab job. Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, mechanical workers and the home repair engineer will all like these easy to install and use accessories for ladders and scissors lifts. The Little Mule is a game changer for improving safety and increasing efficiency on job sites. Use of The Little Mule reduces risks from falling items and stops unnecessary trips up and down a ladder. The Little Mule increases efficiency by reducing the amount of back and forth and up and down a technician incurs for many tasks. As part of our integrated safety features, the little mule prevents users from standing on the top step of the ladder in violation of various OSHA codes.

"I have been using the Little Mule now for 4 months. It's easy to install and having all my material to run conduit runs at my fingertips makes running conduit so much faster. I spend less time up and down the ladder chasing material or picking it up from knocking it off the top of the ladder," said Ron Brandt, Master Electrician Northern Illinois.

Frustrated by having to go continually up and down ladders and finding tools that have fallen off ladders, Matt Heffernan created the first Little Mule for his work as an Electrician. As co-workers wanted one and word grew, he decided to create Heff Industries and manufacture his products for all to use. From small job sites to large operations The Little Mule helps make construction sites safer, more efficient and keep all levels of management smiling. Custom units are available through a consultation process with their engineers and sales staff to create just the right unit for every job big and small. All Heff Industries products proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

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