Safety products: Remote switch actuator safely, remotely operates circuit breakers outside arc-flash zone

Circuit breakers: CBS ArcSafe’s RSA-174F remote switch actuator is designed to safely and remotely operate circuit breakers outside the arc-flash zone.

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Circuit breakers: The CBS ArcSafe® RSA-174F remote switch actuators are designed to remotely operate ABB/Sace Tmax T7 low-voltage molded case circuit breakers with current ratings of 1000A through 1600A. The RSA-174F actuators, which are designed for Tmax T7 breakers equipped with over-toggle mechanisms, allow technicians to safely close and open breakers while stationed outside of the arc-flash hazard boundary without any modification to the breaker.

About CBS ArcSafe®
CBS ArcSafe offers the electrical industry’s largest inventory of remote racking and switching solutions for low- and medium-voltage switchgear that do not require modification to existing equipment for operation. All our equipment is manufactured in the U.S. at our Denton, Texas, manufacturing facility. CBS ArcSafe offers 24/7/365 emergency support and is happy to develop custom remote racking and switching solutions for customers.

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