Fall protection: Suspended access PowerRigging solutions

Safety equipment: Power Climber, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, has launched a complete line of suspended access PowerRigging solutions for a wide range of structures and applications.

May 26th, 2015
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Fall protection equipment: Power Climber, a division of SafeWorks LLC, has launched a complete line of suspended access PowerRigging solutions for a wide range of structures and applications. The new outriggers, hooks, clamps, and steel tank devices have endured rigorous product development, engineering, and approval processes and have been thoroughly tested to Scaffolding, Shoring, and Forming Institute (SSFI) national standards. Backed by over forty years of industry experience, Power Climber’s new rigging solutions provide safe, reliable access for various jobsite applications at height.

From portable outrigger beams, gantry stands, and max reach assemblies to parapet clamps, pigeon hole stands, ring girder rollers, and more, Power Climber’s PowerRigging solutions have been designed with ease of transportation and set- up and maximum versatility and code-compliance in mind.

“For forty years, Power Climber has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality traction hoists and modular platforms in the industry, including the recently launched PowerMod Knockdown Platform,” commented Mike Russell, National Sales Director. “It was only natural to compliment our main product offering with a full line of safe, smart, cost- effective PowerRigging solutions, maximizing the safety and productivity of those using Power Climber access solutions for work at height.”

About Power Climber:
Power Climber is the innovative technology leading manufacturer of suspended access hoisting, platform and safety solutions for use in all work at elevation. Founded in 1972 Power Climber has locations in Seattle, Brussels, Barcelona, Dubai, Mumbai, Melbourne, and Hong Kong to support customers globally. Focused on customer-inspired innovation, Power Climber has earned the right to partner with world-class facility owners, OEMs and the best-managed equipment hire companies worldwide. Power Climber is a division of SafeWorks which was formed in 1997 to bring together the most trusted and experienced brands in the industry - Spider, Power Climber and Power Climber Wind - to make work at height a safe, reliable, productive experience.

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