Safety equipment: Disconnect system de-energize cables downed by storm debris

Safety products: Thomas & Betts’ Blackburn Storm-Safe Service Entrance Disconnect System minimizes hazard, enables quick power restoration.

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Utility safety: The Blackburn® Storm-Safe® Service Entrance Disconnect System from Thomas & Betts de-energizes and releases utility service entrance cables when they are struck by debris, eliminating a safety hazard to the public, emergency responders and utility repair personnel. With the Storm-Safe system, utility repair personnel can restore power quickly and at minimal cost by installing a new link and re-inserting the contacts.

The Blackburn® Storm-Safe® Service Entrance Disconnect System is comprised of two primary components: a mechanical breakaway link and mating contacts for the electrical service. When the service cable is struck by debris, such as falling tree branches during a storm, the Storm-Safe system’s breakaway link releases the service mechanical support and disconnects the electrical service, which de-energizes the cable without damaging utility equipment or the customer’s premises.

“Utility lines downed by falling debris are not only a safety hazard, but also may cause costly damage to utility equipment and the customer’s property,” said Mike Cawood, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “The damage, as well as the risks posed when the cable remains energized, often delays the restoration of service.”

The mechanical breakaway link breaks at a prescribed force to prevent damage. The mating contacts separate after the line breaks for a safe disconnect of power. The Storm-Safe system is available in single-service, two-service and three-service kits, and is fully rated for 200-amp service.

For more information about Blackburn Storm-Safe Service Entrance Disconnect System, visit or call (800) 816-7809.

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