Dominion Virginia Power warns about new customer scam

Contractors should carry and present proper identification and program materials when they arrive

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Dominion Virginia Power is warning its customers about a scam in which robbers gained access to homes by posing as utility workers. Several incidents of this type have been reported to police in the past few days in Northern Virginia.

Dominion Virginia Power employees rarely need to enter a home to provide service. Independent energy contractors working on Dominion conservation programs such as Home Energy Check Up may contact customers directly to schedule an appointment. These contractors should carry and present proper identification and program materials when they arrive.

Police say scam artists use various ruses to get money or gain access to the home, saying they want to check on a lights-out situation, lay power lines, conduct energy audits, fix or replace meters, or collect money for overdue power bills. Recently, there also have been several telephone-based scams by people identifying themselves as power company employees and demanding that the customer pay immediately in cash or by a "green-dot" card or their power would be disconnected.

The company works closely with law enforcement personnel whenever it receives reports of scams such as these. Timely customer reports of such incidents and quick police action recently led to an arrest in another state in a nationwide scam where utility customers were told their power would be shut off if they did not pay immediately in cash or by green-dot card.

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