Florida Power & Light restores power to 3 million after Irma

All 112 critical hospitals impacted have been restored

Sep 14th, 2017
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In the early morning hours Thursday, the massive restoration operation across Florida Power & Light Co.'s 35-county service area in response to Hurricane Irma surpassed 3 million customers restored, with thousands more being restored by the hour. More than 21,500 personnel continue to work to restore the remaining about 1.4 million customers without power.

"Our crews are working in communities day and night across our 27,000-square-mile service area. Restoring power after the widespread damage caused by a storm of this size and strength is brutal work, and we want our customers to know that we are touched by the compassion and appreciation they've shown us. We know every hour without power is difficult and frustrating, and our team won't stop until everyone is back on," said Eric Silagy, president and CEO of FPL.

All 112 critical hospitals impacted have been restored, and more than 90 percent of all critical infrastructure facilities, such as police and fire stations and 911 dispatch centers, are back up and running.

"Utilities work together when a disaster happens. Over 60,000 restoration workers from more than 250 utilities in the U.S. and Canada have answered the call to respond to Irma throughout the southeastern part of the country. FPL is receiving support from utilities and other companies from nearly 30 states and Canada. So while you might not see an FPL truck on your street or in your neighborhood during a power outage, you may see our partners from other companies who are part of our restoration team," Silagy said.

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