Test equipment: Finger-actuation UT-MTL knife disconnects

Utility equipment: Knife disconnect screw terminal blocks support test and measurement.

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Safety equipment: Phoenix Contact’s newest knife disconnect terminal blocks feature a quick and safe finger-actuation mechanism for test and measurement applications. The UT 4-MTL and UT 6-MTL’s finger levers enable technicians to safely perform circuit-polarity checks and troubleshooting without disrupting service.

The MTL lever does not require a tool to actuate. It extends above and beyond the recessed version found in standard UT 4-MT and UT 6-MT disconnects. This is especially valuable in critical relay protection cabinets housed in substations, where instrumentation and control engineers sometimes need to test thousands of I/O terminations.

The UT-MTL blocks accommodate colored knife disconnect levers to differentiate circuits, while conserving space and assisting wire management. This series also helps reduce inventory costs because it accepts CLIPLINE complete accessories and marking products. Phoenix Contact’s patented Reakdyn® Principle ensures reliable, maintenance-free screw-clamp connection.

Available in 6.2 mm and 8.2 mm terminal widths respectively, the UT 4-MTL supports 26-10 AWG, and the UT 6-MTL supports 24-8 AWG. MTL blocks are UL Recognized for 600 V and up to 20 A per UL file #E60425. Polyamide used in the housings received a flammability rating of V0 according to UL 94.

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