Safety products: Emergency Restoration Kit

Utility safety: Classic Connectors USA introduces the ClampStar CSF-XXXX-144 Emergency Restoration Kit to repair overhead conductor damaged or severed during a storm.

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Safety products: Classic Connectors USA, CSF-XXXX-144 Emergency Restoration Kits are designed to repair overhead conductor damaged or severed during a storm, sized from 2/0 – 1272 kcmil, in any length desired. In addition to torque limiting nuts, each unit is supplied with a Pulling Bail and is prefilled with proprietary CC² inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion. The unit can be easily installed to join or repair broken or damaged conductor. ClampStar® is the quickest and easiest method for getting the power back on in an emergency situation. Come-along, grips, and 3/4” wrench are the only tools required!

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