Test products: Monitor CO2, temperature, humidity

Safety products: AEMC offers the Model C.A 1510 indoor air quality monitor/logger.

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Test equipment:AEMC’s Model C.A 1510 allows you to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity for a healthy environment. Used in government offices, transportation, workplaces, private residences, educational institutions and more.

• Simultaneously monitors and displays CO2, Temperature and Humidity
• Stores up to 1 million measurements
• Case design facilitates both wall mount and stand-alone use
• Easy-to-read comfort indicators based on CO2, Temperature and Humidity
• Complies with the latest air quality standards
• Display can be turned off to conserve battery power
• Quick and simple data download via USB cable or wireless Bluetooth
• Supplied with AQR (Air Quality Report) software for data processing and report generation
• The display blinks with red backlighting when any measured parameter exceeds the user-selected threshold
• An Android™ App is available for download on Google play

Available in two colors: white for laboratories, schools, medical, private residences and office environments and gray for industrial environments

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