Monitoring system: Verdeeco Introduces Integrated Alarm Management Console

Utility safety: Online application provides utilities with collective view of system alarms, improving network security and response rates

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ATLANTA – Safety products: Verdeeco, a smart grid analytics firm for the utility industry, has introduced a cohesive Alarm Management Console that improves network security and provides utilities with actionable data that can increase system efficiency and reduce workers’ reaction time to potential threats. Verdeeco developed the console to address utilities’ needs to thoroughly understand and analyze existing alarm notifications.

The Alarm Management Console allows utility personnel to view separate alarm systems in one aggregate dashboard and includes an alert manager that can notify specific departments within the utility of alarm type, location and frequency. The application tracks the speed at which alarm notifications are dispatched and monitors threats by geography and time, thereby making it easier to pinpoint major outbreaks and identify problem areas. Utilities using the Alarm Management Console are able to achieve:

· Improved network security, system safety and reaction time.

· Increased ROI on smart meters by further utilizing data that the meters were already providing.

· More detailed insight into customer usage and potential tampering available from data generated by smart meters

Verdeeco Chief Technology Officer Lappin Hammond said, “In a post-recession era, utilities must operate more efficiently with fewer resources. Our customers have been pleased with the new Alarm Management Console as it improves their operational effectiveness and overall risk management initiatives.” Hammond contends, “The Alarm Management Console allows users to set notification alerts for specified groups. The easy-to-use Œset and forget¹ feature saves time, improves efficiency and acts as a force multiplier for the utility.”

About Verdeeco

Verdeeco¹s “Grid as a Service” cloud-based platform provides utilities a cost-effective, scalable way to leverage data to better achieve their core mission. The “targeted apps” approach frees utilities from the time and expense of integration and delivers mission-specific big data analytics that reduce operational costs, increase service reliability, boost customer satisfaction, and drive efficiency.

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