Thermal imaging camera for electricians

IDEAL expands thermal imaging line with higher resolution HeatSeeker 160 camera.

Sycamore, Ill., March 10, 2011—IDEAL Industries Inc. has announced the release of the HeatSeeker 160 thermal imaging camera for electricians and maintenance engineers that need a highly accurate, easy to use troubleshooting solution at a price they can afford.

The IDEAL HeatSeeker 160 features a Class II laser and delivers a higher resolution thermal image (160 x 120, 19,200 pixels) and a two-megapixel visual image for ultra-sharp images in a wide temperature range of 14 F to 482 F with an industry standard accuracy of ±2 C. Designed for non-contact preventive maintenance, it identifies potential problems before they occur by detecting hot spots on motors, switchgear, processing pipes, compressors and fuse panels. Its broad range of applications also includes energy audits, for example, finding air escaping from HVAC ducts or identification of inefficient heating and cooling transfer. In the data center, the HeatSeeker will pinpoint overheating servers, UPS, cooling systems and PDU before their imminent failure, giving the IT technician needed time to react.

Fully Radiometric
Key to the success of the HeatSeeker 160 is that it is fully radiometric, meaning it will capture temperature measurements over the entire image. Four cursors, moveable anywhere on the live 3.5 inch LCD screen, can be selected to identify the hottest and coldest temperatures in real time.

Blended Images
To precisely locate problem areas and give the user a better frame of reference, images may be graphically displayed in adjustable blends of the actual photographic image and the thermal image from 100 percent thermal to 100 percent visual. Sequence image recording is up to every hour or by alarm settings. Also featured is Picture-In-Picture (PIP) technology to display a small area of the image in IR surrounded by the larger image in photographic mode. In addition, images can be marked by voice and text annotations, eliminating the need to carry pen and paper.

Software Included
Up to 2,000 images can be stored on the HeatSeeker 160's removable 2GB micro SD memory card. The supplied IDEAL ThermalVision 160 software provides the optimal platform for robust analysis, automatic report generation, e-mail sharing and printing. Data points collected in ThermalVision 160 can be used for detailed analysis of potential problems or for monitoring temperature trends over time of the same area, a process made easier by the unit's ability to sequentially record images up to one per hour or by high or low temperature alarms.

Rugged Design
Unlike more delicate thermal imagers, the new HeatSeeker 160 is built tough for demanding work environments. It is IP54 rated to resist water and dust, and will withstand drops up to 6.5 feet (2 meters). An LED light is built-in for image capture in poorly-lit environments. It comes with a field replaceable, rechargeable Li-ion battery capable of up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

Users can obtain the most out of the IDEAL HeatSeeker investment by attending one of many Level I training courses offered across the country. An IDEAL certification is written proof of expertise in operating a thermal imager and interpreting thermal information. Training can be obtained at a discounted price with the purchase of an IDEAL thermal imager.

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