Spacer Cable Turnkey Services Lower Costs and Save Time

Hendrix Wire & Cable’s spacer cable turnkey services guaranteed to reduce outages.


Hendrix, a provider of overhead and underground power distribution products, announces its spacer cable turnkey services, which save utilities money and time and are guaranteed to reduce outages. Utilities can contract with Hendrix for full turnkey services from site evaluation to final inspection—or for any portion of a project.

Hendrix’s turnkey spacer cable services can lower costs on substation exits and under/over builds, as well as long spans or ecologically sensitive areas. Hendrix’s equipment, techniques and on-site expertise make the install quick and cost effective, it’s reported. Compressed project timelines with quick turnarounds save time on site reviews, designs, engineering and construction.

Hendrix provides complete project management services, including evaluation of alternatives, quotation management, scheduling and cost control. Site evaluation services include job layout/pole placement, as well as line and profile drawings.

The Hendrix spacer cable solution is designed to Hendrix standards using genuine Hendrix cable and accessories.

Hendrix Wire & Cable

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