Explosion proof bus bar system introduced

COOPER Crouse-Hinds’ Ex e bus-bar system enables faster assembly and more efficient distribution of electrical energy.


COOPER Crouse-Hinds, a manufacturer of explosion-protected electrical equipment, has launched a new range of explosion-proof (Ex e) bus-bar systems for metal and moulded plastic enclosures. The system is suitable for use in hazardous environments with extreme ambient conditions.

The new GHG 758 bus-bar system utilizes undrilled clamp technology for the connection of cabling, therefore enabling faster, more cost effective assembly and more efficient distribution of electrical energy.

The GHG 758 bus-bar system is designed to operate in ambient temperatures from –55C to +55C. The system is available in high rated currents for 250A and 315A in Ex e certified technology for Zone 1 hazardous areas. The system can be used in conjunction with COOPER Crouse-Hinds’ modular range of GHG 619 enclosures and is a more cost effective solution for many Ex e IIC applications.

In addition, the innovative design of the GHG 758 provides users with an increased length of usable bus-bar rail of up to 6,300mm. An optional removable plastic cover is also available, which also provides additional cut-outs for measurements.

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