TopView alarm management and notification software

Exele introduces free version of TopView alarm management and notification software; TopView Free provides same powerful, easy-to-configure, alarm management, notification and remote monitoring tools as TopView. 

alarm management and notification software
alarm management and notification software

East Rochester, N.Y.—Exele Information Systems, a manufacturing application and process control software company, has announced the availability of a free version of their powerful TopView Alarm Management and Notification software.

TopView FREE is a fully functional, non-expiring version of TopView designed for applications with a limited number (5) of monitored points and provides for one Remote Viewer (TopView client) connection.

There are many processes and systems with a limited number of critical measurements where it is imperative that the measurement conditions be monitored and the appropriate personnel notified of the abnormal events. With the release of the TopView Free alarm management and notification software, Exele makes it possible for users to download a fully functioning TopView version capable of monitoring up to 5 points/tags as well as supporting one connection from the Remote Viewer TopView client.

“Because TopView is easy-to-use and works so well with various data sources including SCADA, PLC, Historian and SQL Database products, we wanted to find a way to get users with smaller systems or a small number of critical measurements to take advantage of everything TopView has to offer” said Mike Fishman, Exele VP. “The beauty of TopView Free is that it’s not a watered down version; it has all the same notification, alarm logging, alarm reporting and alarm analytic capabilities as the full TopView version. It’s not a trial system that only runs for limited a period of time.”

TopView is a powerful, easy-to-configure process monitoring and alarm management tool that works seamlessly with existing SCADA, PLC, Historian, and Database products. TopView is used extensively wherever data measurements need to be monitored—electric power generation; wind farms, oil & gas; water & wastewater; process industries such as chemical, pulp & paper; pharmaceutical and food processing; building automation and IT system performance.

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