Utility glove is comfortable and safe

Youngstown Leather Utility Plus Glove is ARC rated and NFPAA 70E-2012 compliant.


Agoura Hills, Calif.—When electrical utility workers need hand protection, they look to Youngstown Glove Company, known for creating utility gloves that provide superior safety and durability, all with a very good fit. Youngstown is proud to introduce the new Youngstown Leather Utility Plus glove, which is ARC rated and NFPAA 70E-2012 compliant—resulting in a product that is truly a leap forward for the utility glove category.

The new Youngstown Leather Utility Plus glove can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death. You can be confident hands are safe with a glove that boasts a National Electric Safety Code (NESC) ARC rating of 20.8 Cal/cm2 and ranks at a level 2 Hazard Risk Category (HRC). ARC ratings, or the amount of energy a fabric can withstand before the onset of a second-degree burn are fast becoming a standard to compare a number of products including gloves. Simply put, the higher the calorie rating the better. Also NPFA 70E-2012 compliant, the glove meets important electrical safety standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

While safety officers are sure to be impressed with the glove’s ARC rating, workers will appreciate the level of comfort and dexterity the glove provides. Youngstown understands the safest glove is useless if it doesn’t fit comfortably and allow for excellent flexibility. Made to feel like a natural extension of the hand, the Leather Utility Plus glove is perhaps more than anything, comfortable. An ergonomic, 3-D pattern was created by Youngstown designers to provide a fit that contours to the curves and movement of your hand. An extra-wide pattern reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort.

Built to endure, the Leather Utility Plus glove is top-notch quality inside to out and is sure to withstand the long working days of professional linesmen and electricians. The glove is constructed of 100 percent 0.9mm goatskin—an extremely durable material—which remains soft and supple, even when wet. A double layer of goatskin is built into the glove for reinforcement at the fingertips, thumb, saddle and palm all adding to the overall life of the glove.

Additional safety features include a 4-inch safety cuff for wrist protection and extra knuckle protection that helps guard against bumps and scrapes. Precision sewing results in better tactility and nimbleness, meaning the wearer will be able to securely and tightly grasp objects. The new Youngstown Leather Utility Plus glove is available in sizes small through XX large.

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