Cut resistant gloves and sleeve

Kimberly-Clark Professional launches Jackson Safety Brand G60 cut resistant gloves and sleeve.

cut resistant gloves
cut resistant gloves

Roswell, Ga.—For industrial tasks that require protection against hand lacerations, cuts, abrasions and burns, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced two new Jackson Safety brand cut-resistant gloves and a cut-resistant sleeve.

“These new gloves provide superior cut resistance along with excellent dexterity to protect workers against hand lacerations,” said Veronica Savage, category manager for Industrial Gloves, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “The sleeves offer protection against cuts, abrasions and burns, and the cotton inner layer provides breathability and comfort.”

The new Jackson Safety G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves with Dyneema Fiber are coated with polyurethane to offer the highest level of cut resistance and comfort, as well as excellent grip and dexterity. Other benefits include:

• ANSI Level 4/EN388 Level 5 cut resistance.
• Spun Dyneema fiber with glass, stainless steel and spandex to provide cut resistance, comfort and breathability.
• A dark coating that hides dirt for longer wear.

The Jackson Safety G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves feature an engineered patented yarn and meet EN 420 standards including length.

The new Jackson Safety G60 Level 3 Cut Resistant Gloves with Dyneema fiber are coated with polyurethane and offer protection against hand lacerations, as well as excellent dry and oil grip. They are designed for work environments that pose a risk of minor cuts and abrasions, and offer:

• ANSI Level 2/EN388 Level 3 cut resistance.
• Dyneema yarn with nylon, Lycra fiber and glass liner for cut resistance, breathability and a comfortable fit.
• Excellent dexterity for improved productivity.
• A polyurethane coating that enhances grip.
• The gloves also meet EN 420 standards including length.

New Jackson Safety G60 Level 2 Cut Resistant Sleeves are ideal for work environments that pose a risk of cuts, abrasions or burns. They are available with and without a thumbhole. The sleeves feature a Kevlar outer layer and a cotton inner layer for cut resistance and comfort. They also meet ANSI Level 2/EN388 Level 2 cut resistance and EN 420 standards, offer good breathability and are suitable for intermittent heat contact up to 212 F.

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