Streaming media decoder for security surveillance

Matrox Graphics’ SMD-2 is for large-scale, hgh-density IP video decoding.

Matrox Graphics Inc. has introduced the Matrox SMD-2 streaming media decoder, a second-generation universal Internet Protocol (IP) video decode solution designed to decode – in parallel – large numbers of network video streams in different resolutions and formats.

Cited to be the ideal building block for large-scale IP video decode applications, each SMD-2 board can simultaneously decode up to 64 QCIF, 16 D1, or 2 HD 1080 streams. By combining multiple SMD-2 boards within a single system, users can decode and display hundreds of IP streams on any video display wall.

In light of their newly announced partnership, Matrox Graphics and Trenton are currently working together to engineer a validated system capable of supporting multiple SMD-2 cards within a single chassis, to be available later in the year. SMD-2 is fully integrated with the Matrox PPX Series and will be compatible with the Mura MPX Series later in the summer. With its capacity to cost-effectively support large-scale, high-density IP stream decoding, the Matrox SMD-2 is for use in security surveillance, public security, and critical infrastructure sectors.

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