Cable glands offer upgraded protective finish

Appleton cable glands now feature electroless nickel plating for high corrosion resistance.

Rosemont, Ill.—Appleton has upgraded the protective finish on its cable glands with new electroless nickel plating for superior corrosion-resistance in harsh industrial environments.

Due to its high hardness, electroless nickel plating enhances the life of cable glands exposed to severe conditions of service. Parts undergoing electroless nickel plating will in many cases perform much like stainless steel.

In addition to corrosion resistance, advantages of the new finish include:
- Wear resistance to protect against galling,
- Lubricity,
- Uniformity of deposit regardless of geometries—extremely important for flameproof/explosionproof threads,
- Stable thickness control, and
- Nonmagnetic properties of high-phosphorus nickel alloy.

Appleton cable glands are used to attach ends of electrical cable to equipment in a variety of applications worldwide. In addition to strain relief, the cable glands may provide water-tight sealing of the enclosure entry.

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