Data and signal line surge protective devices

SolaHD STC Series prevents power disturbances from traveling on low voltage lines.

Rosemont, Ill—Low voltage lines in modern networked facilities are often a direct pathway of destruction, degradation or disruption for sensitive semiconductor circuits. The importance of power protection at this level grows as a facility's reliance on sensitive instrumentation, networked automation and uncorrupted data transmission increases.

As part of its Total Power Protection Strategy, SolaHD offers a certified line of data/signal line surge protective devices to safeguard network reliability and performance from power disturbances. All utilize high-speed, high-energy components that come in a variety of voltage levels and unique packaging configurations.

The STC-DRS Series is a DIN Rail mountable, single pair surge protection module implementing three-stage hybrid technology. The STC-DRS Series mounts onto a standard 35mm industrial DIN rail. There are three Field Side and three Electronics Side screw terminals. One is reserved for a shield. Three electrically tied ground terminals are provided for grounding the unit to building-approved ground. The shield is isolated from ground.

The STC-PoE brings added protection to CAT5e and CAT 6 cabling systems. Featuring either two female-to-female or male-to-female RJ-45 connections, these simple, compact suppressors safeguard expensive equipment and critical data transfer from internally generated transients and noise in applications up to 60 VDV at 300 mA and maximum transmission speeds of 1000BaseT. Peak surge energy is 300 Watts.

The STC-642 Series of Surge Protection Devices are dual pair (four wire) modules using three-stage hybrid technology to provide superior lightning protection for low voltage data. The STC-642 card edge module is gold-plated, double sided and is designed to mate with the STC-642 gold-plated female terminal connector (sold separately). When snapped together, the data circuits pass thru the protector in a serial fashion from the four Field Side terminals to the four Electronics Side terminals.

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