DirectConnect Elbow Arrester introduced

Cooper Power Systems’ 33 kV and 36 kV DirectConnect Elbow Arrester cuts installation time by 80 percent.

Houston—Cooper Power Systems’ new 33 kV and 36 kV DirectConnect Elbow Arrester cuts installation time by 80 percent. This cost-effective choice for wind farm customers replaces three separate components: the bushing extender, loadbreak reducing tap plug and the traditional 200A elbow arrester. Cooper Power Systems also offers loadbreak elbow products with a jacket seal option that protects jacketed cables from the effects of moisture on medium-voltage cables. This extra protection helps customers avoid costly replacements and outages. By integrating the jacket seal with the best-in-class elbow, Cooper Power Systems is able to eliminate additional kits, instructions and parts.

Cooper Power Systems will also unveil its portfolio of elbow arresters with the highest temporary overvoltage (TOV) characteristics in the industry. This enhancement to the 33 kV and 36 kV M.O.V.E. Elbow Arresters is cited to deliver superior protection to the collector system. The arresters are easily installed or retrofitted into 35 kV large interface loadbreak bushings, 600A bushing adapters, and Bol-T, BT-Tap and T OP-II separable connectors.

Cooper Power Systems offers a host of products and solutions designed to increase the effectiveness of a wind power system. Envirotran pad-mounted distribution transformers with StormTrapper low-voltage secondary arresters provide optimum field performance at the base of the tower. Capacitors and station class arresters are part of an integrated Volt/VAR solution that reduces loss and maximizes system capacity at the substation. Envirotemp FR3 fluid is a natural ester dielectric coolant specifically formulated for use in distribution and power transformers.

The new Cooper Bussmann Wind Power Surge Suppression System includes advanced surge and lightning protection products for wind power systems. Because wind power installations are vulnerable to overvoltages and surges from lighting strikes and static discharges, it is vital that surge suppressor elements are easily monitored for performance. The Cooper Bussmann design provides standard easyID visual indication and remote contact signaling. In addition, the product’s modular DIN-rail design with color-coding and rejection features make it easy to identify, install and maintain.

Cooper Bussmann High-Speed Square Body Fuses are especially useful for wind power applications which require compact design with superior performance. The unique design of these fuses provides minimal energy let-through, low operating temperature and low watts loss. In addition, Cooper Bussmann can manufacture custom square body fuses to meet the needs of any complex application.

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