Free tool tether selection chart

Gear Keeper offers more than 3,000 different tethering configurations to help safety engineers select the best option for any application.

Ventura, Calif.—Although a falling tool from any height is a problem, when it falls several hundred feet, equipment and personnel below are in considerable danger. The worker who dropped the tool endangers everything and everyone below him. It is a site safety issue. Even a screwdriver that hits someone after being dropped just ten feet is going to cause serious injury. A larger, free-falling tool, such as a cordless drill, could kill someone. Unfortunately, until now very little information existed in print to guide safety engineers in safe tool tethering selection.

Tool tethers are considered the best way to protect employees, their tools, and the work site from falling objects. With over 3,000 personal tethering configuration options and covered by many patents, Hammerhead Industries is the manufacturer of the world’s largest selection of industrial tool and instrument tethering devices. They are offering their free TOOL TETHER GUIDE to help industrial safety engineers choose the appropriate “dropped tool” safety device for tools up to 25 pounds.

In the first of the guide’s four illustrated steps, the safety engineer learns how to determine the most compatible tether based on tool weight and application. Step two discusses the best attachment method for single and multiple tools and step three discusses optimum attachment points for lanyards and carabiners. Even tools that have no apparent attachment point are covered by step four which displays methods to securely modify the tool for safe tethering.

The safety engineer’s goal in correct tethering procedures is to make sure the tool, application and recoil-retraction force are in balance. To satisfy that need, the guide illustrates a wide range of tethering devices. They include retractable lanyards that avoid entanglement problems by keeping keeps tool close to the body to anchored tethers that transfer the shock load of a dropped tool from the worker to the structure. In addition, wrist tethers for small tools, quick connect/quick release tethers for multi-tool tethering and tethers that facilitate working in confined areas are also illustrated.

The free, four-page tool tether brochure containing the tethering guide and related information is available by calling Hammerhead Industries’ Customer Service at 888.588.9981. The two-page TOOL TETHER GUIDE is also available for download at:

Gear Keeper tool and instrument tethers are built for heavy-duty industrial use with maximum breakage strength and durability. Designed to survive severe conditions such as extended salt water and chlorine exposure, Gear Keeper retractable tethers are virtually jam-free with a patented flushing system that self clears debris from the retractor mechanism. Long lasting and tough, with millions of systems in use, Gear Keeper tethers have a failure rate of less than .001 percent. The full line of Gear Keeper instrument tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at

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