Continuous safety monitoring instrument for transmission line crews

Delta Computer Systems announces SNT-02 Step and Touch Safety Monitoring Instrument for enhancing the safety of transmission line crews.

safety monitor
safety monitor

Battle Ground, Wash.—Delta Computer Systems Inc. announces the SNT-02 Step and Touch Safety Monitoring Instrument for enhancing the safety of transmission line crews. Delta has provided the first version to the Bonneville Power Administration for nearly 10 years and is now delivering this enhanced product version to the BPA and the broader utility market. The new SNT-02 kit includes field accessories and comes in a rugged enclosure for easy transport.

The SNT-02 addresses the safety issue of Step and Touch Potential. Step potential is the voltage difference between a person’s feet resulting from current flowing through the earth away from a transmission tower. Touch potential is the voltage difference between the ground and an energized object that a person comes into contact with.

As transmission line corridors become increasingly crowded, grounded lines more frequently pick up dangerous voltages via inductive coupling. Monitoring and alarming the resulting step and touch potential is critical for line crew safety. The SNT-02 Step and Touch Instrument is designed and manufactured specifically for this type of transmission line monitoring and alarming.

The SNT-02 kit includes the monitor and alarming instrument, ground rod, clamps and other accessories. De-energized lines that are connected to a tower act as large antennas and can create dangerous conditions if the tower ground is faulty. The SNT-02 continuously monitors for Step and Touch potential, improving job site safety.

“The need for this capability has escalated over the last decade as more power corridors have increased in complexity—often driven by growth in green energy”, stated Steve Nylund, CEO of Delta Computer Systems. “The BPA has found the SNT to be very valuable and Delta is glad to bring this product to the general market.” Nylund added.

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