Cable closure offers more protection

Preformed Line Products’ BLACK-JACK 25-Pair Cable Closure and BLACK-JACK Plus 50-Pair Cable Closure offer more protection with little preparation.

cable closure
cable closure

Preformed Line Products’ (PLP’s) BLACK-JACK 25-Pair and BLACK-JACK Plus 50-Pair Closure are filled with POLY-BEETM sealant to provide long-term protection for direct buried cable splices (individual or modular connection). The sealant forms a barrier to protect splices against the harsh elements of nature.

The closures incorporate a water-block system that consists of a soft cable grommet and a gasket seam seal. The soft grommet effectively seals around cables within the accepted diameter range. The gasket seals the halves of the closure to further ensure protection.

Two designs available
The BLACK-JACK 25-Pair Cable Closure is available in both in-line and butt splice designs. The 50-Pair cable closure is designed to incorporate both butt and in-line capabilities with one design. The in-line version can be used for straight through or branch splice applications. Both designs offer the same reliable service, are easily re-entered and must be replaced after re-entry.

No resin required
The one-piece closure shell is shipped with the entire water-block system in place. The unit is pre-filled with POLY-BEE sealant, so there is no resin mixing required.

Without resin, preparation time is greatly reduced and set-up time is eliminated. This means the closure can be buried immediately after installation. Working without resin eliminates toxic material concerns and inventory waste because shelf life is not an issue.

Fast, easy application
Several design features make installation easy. The shell hinge is flexible, allowing the closure to be squeezed shut by hand and easily opened during re-entry.

The closing clamp slides over the closure flanges, simplifying hand installation. A narrow horizontal slit along the closing clamp provides leverage to bring the halves together.

The kit comes with bonding hardware that fits over the studs of the bond connectors to provide shield continuity. This hardware also assures proper alignment of the cables in the closure.

Holds cables securely
Cables ranging from 22 to 26 gauge are held securely inside the BLACK-JACK 25-Pair and 50-Pair Cable Closures. The features on the top closure half exert pressure on the cables to keep them centered. The features on the bottom closure half allow the closures to adjust for a range of cable diameters.
The bonding bridge(s) included with the kits prevent cable pullout. Closing clamps are used to hold halves together.

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