Perspective herbicide for bareground weed control

DuPont’s Perspective herbicide changes the way you look at bareground weed control.

Weeds can create a host of problems on substations and other bareground sites. Not only is unwanted vegetation unsightly, but it also can pose safety threats for work crews, damage structures and equipment and create fire hazards. Fortunately, you now have a valuable tool to control resistant and other hard-to-control broadleaf weeds for fewer escapes and fewer planned return trips.

DuPont Perspective herbicide
Now, there's an easier way. Perspective herbicide delivers control of a broad spectrum of tough invasive and perennial broadleaf weeds to help you ensure your sites stay clean from the start. This product combines a recently approved ingredient with proven chemistry to deliver two modes of action for fast-acting, long-lasting control planned return trips.

The benefits of choosing Perspective:

• Provides single product solution for your resistant weed program;
• Sets a new standard for control of field bindweed and resistant species of marestail, Russian thistle, kochia, prickly lettuce and other invasive broadleaf species;
• Improves productivity by reducing retreatment due to resistant weed escapes, reducing the need to transport additional product to the application site;
• Offers long-lasting residual control with a low use rate;
• Features a recently approved ingredient to help manage against resistance;
• Is easy to work with—low-odor, dry formulation mixes easily and remains in suspension; and
• Allows for flexibility of grass tank mixture partners such as DuPont Krovar I DF, Landmark XP, Oust Extra, Oust XP or other branded products for a complete bareground application.

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