Flame resistant HRC 2 cotton nylon long sleeve shirts

Flamesafe MaxiSoft process imparts durable flame resistant properties to cotton.


The Flamesafe MaxiSoft engineering process imparts durable flame resistant properties to cotton by producing an invisible, long chain flame retardant polymer, impregnated into the core of every fiber. When flame comes into contact with MaxiSoft FR cotton, an insulating char is formed with no melting, dripping, smoldering or after glow.

MaxiSoft FR cotton nylon retains all the essential comfort features of natural cotton such as softness, air permeability and moisture transmission. MaxiSoft flame resistant properties will not be diminished for the wearer life of the garment.

Flamesafe MaxiSoft FR cotton nylon is the latest innovation in flame resistant protection utilizing the most tried and proven flame retardant technology. If you or your team is in danger of flash fire, heat or electric arc exposure, Flamesafe Workwear has a garment solution that can help save your skin.

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