Loadbreak connector improves system reliability

Cooper Power Systems’ Clēēr 600 amp Loadbreak Connector System saves outage time and cuts labor by 50 percent over bolted connections.

Waukesha, Wis.—The new Cooper Power Systems Clēēr Loadbreak Connector System is cited to be the only 600 amp/15 kV single-phase rated loadbreak connector in the industry. This separable connector solution offers both a visible break and visible ground without having to de-energize, un-bolt 600 amp terminations or move heavy cables. This system offers an efficient and reliable visible break when used for sectionalizing, splicing or in-line with vacuum switchgear. For operators working on a piece of energized equipment, the patented Clēēr Connector System provides peace of mind through visible, front panel circuit traceability.

“Bottom line, the new Clēēr Loadbreak is an example of our system solutions that help utilities reduce outages, downtime and inconvenienced customers,” said Mike Stoessl, president Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE). “We pioneered the 200 amp loadbreak systems in use today, and now we’ve incorporated the same proprietary, superior switching capability of Cooper Power Systems POSI-BREAK technology into this new, ground-breaking paradigm for 600 amp systems.”

The easily retrofittable Clēēr Loadbreak Connector System offers several key features that make it critical to the power industry’s challenge of balancing operating efficiency and reliability for fast restoration of service. The C-shaped Clēēr Loadbreak allows circuit isolation without the need to de-energize. Timed studies prove the simple push-pull operation achieves the Clēēr visible break 50 percent faster than bolted terminations. The loadbreak connector is fully submersible and, therefore, a perfect solution in both surface and sub-surface installations that are prone to flooding. The compact design allows for easy sectionalizing in tight spaces, while the adjustable bracket on the assembly allows mounting at various angles for easy access, even from above-ground for vault applications.

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