Construction zone arrow board provides maximum visibility while directing traffic

Work Area Protection offers ArrowMaster Pro-Line Arrow Board for low operating costs and maximum visibility.


St. Charles, Ill., April 25, 2011—Work Area Protection now offers the ArrowMaster Pro-Line Solar-Assisted Advance Warner, a versatile, low-operating-cost arrow board that provides maximum visibility while directing traffic through construction zones.

The ArrowMaster Pro-Line arrow board features several design changes for improved functionality. It was designed with a mast to provide lower center of gravity for additional stability during travel. The design allows the panel to travel parallel with the towing vehicle that minimizes wind resistance, fatigue and maximizes fuel economy. The center frame support is continuous from front to rear to reduce stress fractures caused by towing and rough roads.

The ArrowMaster boards conform to and, in most cases, exceed all federal and state MUTCD specifications.

The ArrowMaster system is powered by a 210-amp marine, deep-cycle battery storage bank that charges by a top-mounted, shadow-free solar panel. The solar panel is positioned for maximum charging capabilities in both the operating and travel modes.

The ArrowMaster battery can last up to 30 days of continuous operation without a solar charge. The ArrowMaster V hi-tech, solid-state controller incorporates an automatic intensity control that keeps the lamps bright, even under low battery conditions and the Auto-Trac provides an automatic, full-time tracking system that adjusts the lamp intensity to the ambient light conditions. The easy-access design allows the user to reach the batteries, controller and battery charger in a lockable steel enclosure.

The board is available with either 15 or 25 fully sealed LED lights with high-impact plastic hoods in both arrow standard and wide-angle models. The 5-inch, amber, PAR 46, LED lamp is a high-output, low-power consumption lamp with a greater life expectancy than other arrow board lamps. The solid-state controller is equipped with a durable rotary switch, full-mode configuration and LED display. The board features a removable tongue for safety and security.

The message center provides various display modes such as left and right arrows, double arrows, sequencing arrows and chevrons that are programmed and stored in the controller minimizing set-up time.

The full-sized 48 inch by 96 inch, all aluminum construction sign panel is sealed to protect against the elements. The sign’s frame measures 2 x 3 x 0.12 inches and comes with a 2-inch ball standard hitch. It is manufactured of high-grade steel with a durable, powder-coat paint finish. The mast is 3 x 3 x 3/16 inch steel tube assembly.

Each board is available with or without a battery charger and the lamp is backed by a five-year warranty.

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