Isolate transformers and reactors from vibration and noise

Fabreeka Transformer/Reactor Vibration and Noise Isolation brochure

Boston, April 21, 2011—Fabreeka has recently created a new brochure entitled “Transformer/Reactor Vibration and Noise Isolation.” This brochure includes an overview of the Fabreeka products available to isolate transformers and reactors from surrounding vibration and noise.

For decades, Fabreeka isolation materials have been used to control structure-borne vibration and noise generated from power and distribution transformers, reactors, engines and other vibrating equipment. Fabreeka offers standard isolation pads and mounts, as well as custom-engineered mounts specific to your application, combining multiple layers of Fabcel, Fabreeka, steel and other materials to provide a tailored mount for any purpose.

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