Bluetooth combination modules added to short range radio products

RF Monolithics’ diversifies its short-range radio products by adding Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combination modules.

Dallas, April 12, 2011—RF Monolithics Inc. (RFM [NASDAQ: RFMI]) has introduced the WLS-series of Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combination modules to the company’s integrated short-range radio products. With the addition of three new standards-based modules – the WLS1270, WLS1271, and the WLS1273 – the RFM integrated short-range radio product line now includes high-performance standards-based technologies in addition to the company’s proprietary RFIC and SAW-based product portfolio.

“The addition of the WLS-series combo modules enables RFM to reach a broad new level of customer beyond our historical customer base,” said Farlin Halsey, RFM’s President and CEO. “We are already engaged with both existing and new customers in early evaluation stages, which is providing us initial insight into how this product line further enhances our opportunities in our target markets and across a broader set of applications. And given the rapid introduction of new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices in M2M applications, the potential market for these products is significant and fits well within our M2M strategy,” said Halsey. According to the April 2011 issue of Connected World Magazine, by the year 2020 over 50 billion M2M intelligent devices will be wirelessly connected. Many M2M applications employ end-devices that are Wi-Fi- and/or Bluetooth-enabled which are connected to the Internet via an open or private communications network.

Commenting on the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in M2M applications, Larry Miller, Director of Product Management for the RFM integrated short-range radio product portfolio said, “Immediate access to information and the standard-based communications protocols for ease of connectivity have become major selling points for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As a result, the RFM WLS-series modules are ideal for OEMs wanting to quickly add Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity within a broad range of products for world-wide markets.”

Miller added, “The WLS-series modules are particularly appealing to designers because of their optimized RF performance and high-level of integration all within a small form factor. Both are hallmarks of the RFM integrated short-range radio line for which we are well-known. The benefits to our OEM customers are low-cost and shorter design cycles.”

The WLS-series of products include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology in a single SoC and a high-efficiency RF front-end circuit plus a DC-DC converter. The modules are designed to fit into space-constrained designs and are slightly smaller than a dime. Minimal external circuitry is required to complete a radio design; add an antenna, power source, processor and associated interface hardware and the radio hardware design is complete.

Like all RFM Short-Range Radio family of products, the WLS-series of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo Short-Range Radio Modules are FCC and / or ETSI certified.

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