GroundSmart Products Help Utilities Reduce Project Costs and Deter Copper Theft

CommScope introduces GroundSmart grounding products into its BiMetals line of wire and cable solutions.

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CommScope has introduced its GroundSmart grounding products into its CommScope BiMetals family of wire and cable solutions. These products help reduce the costs of managing and maintaining electricity transmission and distribution networks by deterring theft and vandalism.

CommScope's use of copper-clad steel in its GroundSmart products provides a safe, highly reliable alternative to the use of solid and stranded copper for grounding applications. These products are specifically designed to disperse fault currents and lightning strikes at a lower total cost of ownership compared to pure copper. GroundSmart products offer proven performance for optimizing grounding design in substation, distribution and transmission systems, as well as in wind and solar farms.

A survey published last year estimated that theft of copper wiring from electrical utility sites creates more than 7,500 hours of downtime and costs the industry more than $60 million annually. Copper-clad steel wire and cable products provide the same reliability, performance and durability as solid copper but are unattractive to would-be thieves and vandals.


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