Remote monitoring unit for real time alerts

On-Ramp Wireless’ automated monitoring device provides real-time alerts to ease monitoring process and streamline mandatory FAA notifications.

San Diego—On-Ramp Wireless has announced the availability of its remote monitoring unit (RMU), a certified smart grid and infrastructure-monitoring device. In its first application deployment, the RMU provides specific functionality for monitoring and automatic alarm notification of solar-powered and line-power obstruction warning lights in electric transmission towers, cellular towers and other obstacles per FAA guidelines. This allows organizations to streamline the scheduling of required maintenance and rapidly provide mandatory FAA notifications.

On-Ramp’s RMU is a flexible monitoring platform that can be used to “smart-enable” any analog or digital sensor, allowing rapid monitoring of deployed devices on the company’s Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) wireless system. Designed for reliable operation and offering advanced features, the RMU includes intrusion detection, back-up battery for continued alarm notification during power outages, and 24/7 operation with configurable monitoring intervals.

“Deploying automated monitoring and alarming eliminates the need to manually monitor lights, which may be in difficult to reach and remote locations,” said Joaquin Silva, president and CEO of On-Ramp. “Our RMU provides significant operational cost savings and peace of mind, thanks to its automated monitoring, audit trail, and alerting via e-mail or text messages.”

The RMU is environmentally certified for outdoor operation and has been field tested in the harshest of utility transmission environments, including transmission substations and high power transmission lines with high EMF/EMI environments. It currently supports monitoring solar-powered and line-powered lights from Avlite, Dialight and Crouse-Hinds and is configurable for new light types and other devices.

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