Glove offers comfort and durability

Ergodyne launches ProFlex 750 At-Heights Construction Glove.

St. Paul, Minn., February 24, 2011—Ergodyne has launched the ProFlex 750 At-Heights Construction Glove. This glove delivers the comfort, durability and protection required for climbing as well as the fit and dexterity needed to get the job done right in the world's highest work zones.

Designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort while climbing, the 750 At-Heights Construction Glove features strategically placed padding on the upper palm and on the lower 2/3 of the fingers for gripping rungs. The fingertips on the glove are double-layered for durability but remain padding-free for high dexterity. The glove also features a double-layer palm using Rovenica, a soft, flexible, yet ultra-durable material providing up to 4x the strength of goatskin leather. Combine this with Kevlar stitching on the palm and fingers, and you have a very durable glove—the ProFlex 750.

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