WeatherBug Announces StreamerRT, an Enhanced Weather Visualization Tool for the Energy Markets

StreamerRT Enables Energy Traders to Quickly Analyze Real Time Weather Conditions and Better Forecast Potential Electricity and Gas Price Market Changes

With StreamerRT's up-to-the-minute weather observations, customers can detect quick changes in expected weather before reactions in power consumptions and then trade accordingly. "A small rise in temperature can mean the difference of thousands of dollars for real-time traders in the energy markets," says John Doherty, senior vice president of sales and marketing at WeatherBug. "With the ability to quickly assess the impact of weather conditions, instantly and accurately, StreamerRT offers a distinct competitive advantage. StreamerRT enables energy traders to better prepare and respond with greater precision and performance."

Carlton Industries, provider of safety and product identification products for over 30 years, is now offering a full line of safety vests personalized with the information of your choice. Class 1, 2, or 3 vests in either mesh or polyester may be customized as well as both lime and orange colored vests.

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