ProFlex gloves protect in extreme conditions

Ergodyne’s ProFlex 925F(x)OD Thermal Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves, with OutDry, provide five-finger defense in the coldest, wettest endeavors.

Jan 12th, 2012

St. Paul, Minn.—Ergodyne's ProFlex 925F(x)OD Thermal Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves with OutDry is cited to provide the best five-finger defense against Mother Nature's harshest while delivering unbeatable back-of-the-hand protection for any oil industry application—even the coldest, wettest endeavors.

The new 925F(x)OD gloves utilize a patented waterproof membrane lamination process that directly bonds the OutDry membrane to the inside of the glove's outer shell to create one seamless waterproof entity with no gap in between. Simply put, OutDry offers the most advanced waterproof/windproof breathable technology on the market today. Pair it with the 925F(x)OD's 100G of 3M Thinsulate insulation, and you've got one water-repelling, wind-stopping, supercharged thermal glove on your hands.

In addition to the OutDry technology, the 925F(x)OD stays true to its "back-of-the-hand" roots. The combination of impact protection, durability, abrasion resistance and grip make the glove unlike any dorsal impact-reducing glove alternative on the market today.

Available at all authorized Ergodyne distributors, the ProFlex® 925F(X)OD is designed for warmth, waterproof, protection, durability comfort.

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