Industrial camera enclosures for hazardous areas

Industrial Video & Control to use new composite technology in lightweight Class I, Division 1 camera line.

camera enclosure
camera enclosure

Newton, Mass.—Industrial Video and Control (IVC) has applied for a patent on a new technology they have developed for their industrial camera enclosures. Designated the L-series, these new camera enclosures will be made from carbon fiber compounds and are designed to operate in hazardous areas rated Class I Division 1. The first L-series cameras are PTZ cameras with multiple camera imaging and lighting options including thermal. The first product in this series is a Class 1 Division 1 portable PTZ camera with built-in illuminators that weights only 25 pounds. It is designed for portability and other applications where weight is a concern.

IVC is a manufacturer of IP-based cameras and developer of advanced software for managing networks of video systems. “We have just completed our initial certification testing with Factory Mutual and we are very excited,” said Bill Richards, IVC’s Vice President of engineering. “These new enclosures have exceeded our expectations. We are also pursuing opportunities to apply this technology to other industrial instrumentation that is complementary to our cameras.”

IVC plans on delivering L-series cameras using the new enclosure technology in Q1 2012. According to IVC’s President, Norman Fast, the company already has significant orders in hand for the new product.

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