Extech Instruments METERLiNK app for android

Extech Instruments’ METERLiNK app for android provides remote clamp meter reading. Diagnose electric problems safely and easily with Extech Instruments remote display app.

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Extech Instruments announces a new app for android, the EX845 MeterLink. The industrial app displays electric meter readings received via Bluetooth from Extech's EX845 MeterLink clamp meter. Now, readings can be viewed remotely on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Extech Instruments’ app for android allows electric contractors and plant maintenance professionals who use Extech's EX845 clamp meter to remotely view and display readings from the meter on an Android phone or tablet up to 30 feet away.

This remote viewing capability offers big advantages in terms of:
• Added safety from monitoring equipment from a distance;
• Operating remote switchgear without a helper;
• Leaving the meter in situ to permit monitoring with normal load conditions such as closed blower cabinets, etc.;
• Readings can still be viewed on the clamp meter unlike meters with detachable displays; and
• No dongles or extra accessories are required to use the app.

The industrial app displays large, easy-to-read values for the following functions: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, capacitance, resistance, frequency, diode test, and temperature (both from a Type-K thermistor probe and from the meter¹s built-in non-contact, laser infrared thermometer). Function indicators highlight which measurement mode is selected on the meter. Additionally, Data Hold and Min/Max functions are also remotely displayed. The METERLiNK app also features a log of recent readings for quick reference, basic trending and more context.

What is METERLiNK?
The EX845 clamp meter is equipped with METERLiNK, a Bluetooth-based technology originally developed by Extech and FLIR to transmit real-time electrical readings from the clamp meter directly to FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras. Now, leveraging the versatility of Bluetooth, any Android device running the new industrial app can also display readings via Bluetooth.

Remote Display Advantage:
Now, electrical professionals can monitor voltage, current, and other readings at a safe distance from hazardous locations. Additionally, it is easier to perform remote tasks such as powering up equipment from a control panel that is not nearby. For electricians who must show readings to a customer or manager, the remote display makes it easy to leave the clamp meter in place while showing and explaining findings from a safe location.

Dual Display Convenience:
The METERLiNK app allows an EX845 clamp meter to function in a manner similar to test tools with a detachable wireless, remote display. The advantage of the app however is that the display on the clamp meter remains intact and continues to function, displaying readings locally in addition to the remote display on the Android device.

Expanding the Diagnostic Ecosystem:
The EX845 METERLiNK for Android app is one part of Extech & FLIR’s “diagnostic ecosystem” approach to effective troubleshooting. Extech and FLIR are committed to offering increased connectivity among Extech meters, FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras and personal devices such as tablets and smartphones. The goal of the diagnostic ecosystem is not only to improve communication among diagnostic and communication devices but also among technicians and their customers and managers, by leveraging accurate and coordinated readings from related tools as well as rapid and actionable communication like tablet-based email reports generated on the fly.

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