EXPRL-91 intrinsically safe LED light

Larson Electronics’ LXflashlights.com releases U.L. and ATEX approved intrinsically safe LED flashlight.

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Approved under both UL and ATEX safety standards, the EXPRL-91 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight from Larson Electronics’ LXflashlights.com is an ideal portable light source for workers in hazardous locations. Featuring multiple operating modes, rechargeable operation, waterproof construction, and 360 lumens of total output, this intrinsically safe LED flashlight provides rugged dependability and up to 16 hours of operation on a single battery charge.

The EXPRL-91 Explosion Proof-Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight from Larson Electronics’ LXflashlights.com is approved under both U.L. and ATEX Directive requirements for operation in hazardous environments where flammable gases and vapors are present. Designed for rugged and dependable operation, this intrinsically safe LED flashlights’ housing is constructed of a lightweight and chemical resistant polymer that provides a no-slip grip and high resistance to damage from impacts and dropping. The EXPRL-91 is also fitted with high grade LED lamp assemblies which provide additional impact and vibration resistance while also providing up to 360 lumens of high quality light output. This explosion proof LED flashlight offers multiple modes of operation including a single standard flashlight mode producing 160 lumens, a floodlight mode producing 200 lumens, spot/flood combination for 360 lumens, and momentary or continuous strobing flash operation. This light will run for 6 hours when run in standard flashlight mode, and up to 16 hours in strobe light mode when fully charged.

Power is provided by echargeable NiMH batteries rated at 1000+ recharge cycles, and recharging is via a standard 100-240VAC wall charger and charging cradle or 12 VDC vehicle charging cord, all of which is included with the flashlight. This powerful and versatile light is U.L. approved intrinsically safe for Class 1, 2, 3 - Div 1, 2 - Groups C, D locations and ATEX compliant to Category 1 Zone 0, making it suitable for locations regulated under both U.S. and EU standards. The EXPRL-91 is ideal for use by workers in petrochemical processing facilities, water treatment plants, offshore oil platform operations, and anywhere flammable gases and vapors are present during normal work operations.

“Operators that need a chemical resistant, explosion proof trouble light and flashlight, can meet both needs with the EXPRL-91,” said Rob Bresnahan of Larson Electronics LXFlashlights.com. “This Class 1 and Class 2 explosion proof LED light waterproof to 1 meter, making it ideal for marine maintenance and offshore applications.”

Larson Electronics’ LXflashlights.com carries an extensive line of explosion proof LED flashlights, hazardous location flashlights, intrinsically safe flashlights, and explosion proof HID flashlights.

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