Eclipse Dual Access NEMA 4 IP66 wall mounted cabinets

Hammond Manufacturing offers NEMA 4/IP66 dual access wall mounted 19-inch cabinets.

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Designed for use in both industrial and office environments, the Eclipse Dual Access wall mounted cabinets from Hammond Manufacturing provide a rigid and strong enclosure for high-density LAN cabling and 19” patch panels as well as for any 19” electronic equipment. The unit consists of three sections: the heavy-duty wall mounting rear and base through which the cables enter the enclosure, the main body, and a solid or window lockable front door. The body and the door are independently hinged, with 120 degree opening to give unrestricted access to both the front and rear of the mounted equipment. All sections are constructed from 14-gauge steel, finished in RAL 7035 light gray. Seamless poured-in-place gaskets provide protection against dust, oil and water to NEMA type 3R, 12, 4 and IP66, enabling the enclosures to be installed in challenging industrial environments or outside locations.

Ten sizes are available as standard, ranging from 16” high x 24” wide x 15” deep to 48” x 24” x 24”. Non-standard sizes can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. A pair of fixed 19” panel rails, tapped 10/32, are pre-installed at the front and additional optional mounting angles can be added at the rear of the body to support heavy equipment or provide a second patch breakout area from the main cabling. U heights range from 7U to 26U and the maximum static load ratings are 100 to 180 pounds depending on size.

Other optional accessories include rear inner mounting panel, a mounting foot kit, breathers, filter fans, thermostats and rain hoods.

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